Discover Live’s Interactive Virtual Travel Experiences

Description: Discover Live’s virtual live travel experiences allow you to host your next event or meeting anywhere in the world.

Imagine hosting your next event aboard a boat, sailing along the Douro River in Porto, Portugal, and delving into legends and traditions. Or maybe you want to walk through the streets of Paris at dusk and see the sun set over the Eiffel Tower or, with your colleagues, friends or family, soak up Rome’s rich history. If you take care of the logistics, travel and price, it can seem impossible and stressful. But it must not be. With Discover Live, as the saying goes: “If you dream it, you can do it.”

Virtual travel + live = destination anywhere

As the event industry settles firmly between personal and virtual events, Discover Live is a pioneer in hybrid events and has been increasing the live virtual experience since 2018. Discover Live offers meaningful ways to connect with the world in general through live virtual trips, transports you and your guests to your destination of choice – be it Luxor, Egypt; Sydney, Australia; or Machu Picchu in Peru, to name a few options. Once there, you will meet a knowledgeable guide who will answer your questions, make a joke, tell a relevant anecdote and guide you to places you have never been before, making the adventure much more interactive and tangible.

Here’s How It Works

On the date and time of your confirmed visit, you and all other guests join via HD video streaming on any device. The Virtual Travel certified guide will interact with you and share your local know-how. An extra bonus? Traveling through Discover Live is also a great way to learn more about a destination you want to visit in person.

Not Your Average Event Experience

Unlike your average pleasure, the travel experience is very different every time, delivering engaging and inspiring events. While there are many virtual event experiences for event planners, Discover Live is a live virtual travel company, and the possibilities are endless. Discover Live works with event professionals on events for employees and customers for personalized business experiences that fit business goals and can accommodate groups of all sizes. Small groups focus on interaction and team building, while large events focus on high pleasure and engagement.

Travel events offer something for everyone, from world trips, history and culinary ideas to culture, art and architecture. To enhance the adventure, local musicians and culinary experts, special interests, team building, anecdotes and surveys can be included in the package as additional options.

Creating meaning through travel events

With Discover Live Travel Tours, event professionals can ensure that employees, guests and guests experience some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world—not just an extra hour on Zoom. Global travel is at the heart of Discover Live, but what’s more, the travel experiences they offer are a unique and meaningful way to organize events or meetings in a seamless experience that stimulates Engagement, increases person-to-PERSON interaction, offers worldly and picturesque pleasure, as well as insight into culture, history and people.

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