Lets Celebrate The Return of Live Events

After more than a year of sweatpants( or no pants), the biggest question guests are now asking themselves is, ” what am I wearing?!”

To solve this secret, Social Studies, a Brooklyn-based company specializing in rentable pleasure kits, and Rent the Runway teamed up this summer for a road trip around the country, turning a Texino van into a mobile pop-up experience produced by Sue Bohlen, founder and CEO of SKB Event Shop.

The stops of the joint tour, which is part of Social Studies ‘ largest “after” party tour, offer an inventory of the rental route that can be booked for upcoming events, as well as entertaining kits of Social Studies. In addition, visitors have access to special discounts and can nominate people who have been severely affected by the recent times to earn a fun kit.

“We decided to launch our first outdoor campaign this summer with billboards, direct mail and more, and we saw this van tour as a way to connect more closely with local communities in a very complementary way,” explained Jessica Latham, CEO and co-founder of Social Studies, as well as van driver of the tour. She added that based on the requirements of clients in various states such as Texas, North Carolina and Florida, the team knew they had to focus on building a campaign across the United States.

“We also felt the suppressed demand that people had for personal gatherings. Fortunately, our friends at Rent the Runway intervened to help us get dressed to party again, while Texino was able to customize a motorhome for us incredibly quickly, ” she said.

Similar to the rental of designer clothing, Social Studies, founded in 2019 by Latham and Amy Griffin, allows customers to rent and return items for events, including decors and decors. With larger personal events repeating themselves, Latham said the company has seen a “dramatic increase in sales of our commendable pleasure kits in minimalist and maximalist styles with larger order values and a larger party size.”So, with the return to fashion, so to speak, it made sense for the two companies to join forces.

“This partnership is designed to celebrate the return to rallies and travel at a time when consumers place more importance on access than property,” said Samantha Storch Malloy, director of partnerships at Rent the Runway. “After more than a year at home, we have never been so ready to celebrate and embrace fashion together this summer. Combining the rental of the track cabinet in the cloud with the turnkey event rental of Social Studies was the perfect complement to fulfill this unique moment in time.”

Each stop of the tour also focuses on a specific topic with appropriate inventory, such as the “Preparation of the 80s” in Nantucket, Massachusetts. and “return-to-glamour” in Charleston, South Carolina, are the next stops, including Nashville, the Hamptons and Austin.

“We selected themes that would be well in line with the local culture and scene, and we used them to add special touches to the events. For example, in Nantucket we had hilarious wigs for the guests and quiz cards from the 80s on the table. We want all of our tour stops to be cheerful, from the festive inventory to the rental of the track that is displayed on the table decorations, ” Latham said.

In addition to public pop-ups, Social Studies also organizes themed dinners by invitation at each location in collaboration with local influencers. “We selected local co-hosts who are deeply rooted in each market to create the invite list, including design impresario Ken Fulk in Nantucket and model Venita Aspen in Charleston,” Latham said.

She added: “There was a palpable eagerness on the part of the guests to reconnect personally. Our second stop was the “Back to glamour” theme, as we heard from many people that it was the first time they had been able to dress for some time, which they really lacked in 2020.“

“We were looking for places where people like to be entertained and have a keen sense of style. As for the short-lived locations, we were looking for high-traffic areas that are appreciated by the locals, such as Millie’s restaurant in Nantucket for our van and the Post House Inn in Charleston for our dinner,” explained Jessica Latham, CEO and co-founder of Social Studies.

Guests at the invitation-only dinners include local entrepreneurs, influencers and journalists. “We were looking for those who would become true evangelists for brands,” Latham said.

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